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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Purple Hair Lady's Top 5 Posts of 2013

I started this blog in 2013 to help out my friends who have allergies. I have to say, I am quite proud of myself with this blog. It started slow but I am slowly gaining speed with it. Since this is the first year of this blog, I decided to share with all of you the top 5 posts of this last year.

Here they are, in order of page views:

#5 Top post of 2013: The Allergy Alert Page

Oddly enough, my top viewed post is actually a permanent page. The Allergy Alert page was started after I signed up for alerts through Google. I saw a few allergy alerts come through for undeclared allergens in various foods and posted that to the blog. They had quite a few page views and a few people said "Thank you!" for warning them about the alerts. This made me realize that I should start a permanent page for allergy alerts. And it soon took the top spot for the most viewed post/ page of all time.

#4 Top Post of 2014: Overnight Tennessee Twitch BBQ Sauce

Mmmmm, my favorite recipe! I made this back in Tennessee. I learned the recipe while working at a Pit BBQ and Grill joint but, it had allergens in it that we can't have. So I altered the recipe several times trying to find the closest match to the original recipe and this one won!

#3 Top Post of 2014: Dotchi's Cucumber Salad

I made this for the Libby's Kid's Kitchen one weekend and thought "Man! I have to share this recipe! It is so good!" Apparently everyone else agrees with that too because it's the third most viewed post on the blog.

#2 Top Post of 2013: Allergy vs Sensitivity vs Intolerance

After I explained the difference between an allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity about a hundred times in one week (or close to it), I decided to write this post. I did a better job than I realized though. Many people thanked me for explaining it so well. Here I was just tired of explaining it over and over... and I did a better job explaining it online than I could have ever done in real life. Go me!

#1 Top Post of 2013: Helpful Allergy Links

Having Generalized Anxiety Disorder isn't helpful in starting a blog. I have SO much on my mind that is important for people to know, that I can't decided what to put up first. To help with this, I made this post to help calm my nerves by sharing links I find helpful. 

This year, Purple Hair Lady will grow a lot and I am hoping that anything you need to know will end up on here. At least now, I am not freaking out over what to put first. Now I am just planning where to put a sidebar and what to put on it.

What was you favorite post of 2013? 

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