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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Share Your Allergy Story. From Donna C.

Here is the email from Donna C on her allergies. I've also replied to a few of the comments. 
I'm glad you posted that corn free baking powder recipes. I think you need to put a picture of your purple hair and your face on your blog since it is the purple hair lady. No it can't be a wig. 
Nope, it's not a wig! I really do dye my hair purple! I'll have a picture up by this week.
Just an update so far the foods which have repercussions are as follows:
Any corn product. Corn syrup, corn, high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch... well you get the idea.
I also cannot have milk products without repercussion. I have found hemp milk and rice milk and coconut milk to be acceptable.

By the way, for the holiday season, Whole Foods carries the So Delicious coconut milk holiday eggnog drink, I think and rice dream also makes dream also makes an egg nog, dairy-free of course.
I found the So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog at Super 1 Foods in Bonners Ferry, Idaho! I bought one box for each of us in my home. It was the BEST treat EVER! That is the one thing I look forward to each holiday season! Thanks for the heads up on the Rice Dream Nog. I will have to look for it.

I cannot have any form of yeast without repercussion although I must say this is the one I cheat on the most as it is very hard to find yeast free products.  Yeast free bread and yeast free alcohol simply do not exist or are very hard to find. And the whole thing just gets better.

I cannot have any kind of a mold fungus. This means no mushrooms or I will immediately start wheezing deep down in my lungs.  I have to say the yeast and mushroom fungus, mold, what have you is the worst of my allergies.

I also do not tolerate chemicals that are man made.
I don't tolerate candles very well, hair sprays, hair gels, perfume, some soaps and the heck of a lot of other things.
An example of my reactions is that 1) I can't breathe well 2) I start coughing like I have pneumonia, after I take my inhaler that is. My doctor said it sounded like pneumonia. It was bad and yes it really did happen to me today.
I believe you! I was near you when you had one of your bad breathing problems from, I think perfume. Although it may have been a candle. I can't remember. It was years ago!

I have many environmental allergies, including dust and every pollen plant and tree that I've been tested for, which sucks in the Deep South! Because its warm nearly all the time. We have flowers here year round I wish I was kidding. If we are lucky we will get a few days of 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night and that's it.
Oh I also have a meat allergy which I hear is quite rare but then again I also read they're becoming more common. I've heard that especially about beef.
My youngest son is allergic to beef. I was told lamb is a rare one to be allergic to, but I am allergic to it.

I have the least reaction to Whole Foods meats because they are not shot up with stuff that I'm allergic to.
I have found this to be true with me also. I do better with the grass-fed beef I find here. Although, the chickens and eggs give me issues because most of them are fed corn so I react to some of them like I would if I ate corn. That's something else to watch out for with a corn allergy!
So if you've perfumed your body or just cleaned your home with Lysol don't invite me over and please stay far away from me!
And I can't find a font larger than this to help stress this enough! People, a lot of times, don't understand that allergies can kill you!
I think about everything I'm majorly allergic to. I am shocked at the number of things that have milk in them from potato chips (or crisps) to non-dairy creamer. 
I've learned that just because it says "non-dairy" doesn't mean it is.  Non-dairy creamer actually has milk casein in it. Also, a milk allergy is not the same thing as lactose intolerance.  Maybe that's one things that you could put on your purple hair lady blog after you take the picture of you with the purple hair and put it as your avatar hahaha.
Picture coming soon! I did explain the difference between an allergy, an intolerance, and a sensitivity in a blog post (click the link to read it). I got the idea from you! Thank you for that! 

I am lactose intolerant. I know that drinking milk will just make me very regular and keep my bowels clean for me :) But I also know that for someone who is allergic to milk, it's much more than just the discomfort I get when I drink it or ingest it. It could kill you! It just makes me uncomfortable.
Donna.......who is another friend allergic to the planet we call home.  Let me know when the rocket launches to a planet where there are no allergies.   I'll be sitting there right beside you.  I'll bring whatever kind of water you like (that should be safe for both of us) and you can provide the snacks as you have more allergies than I do.
I can't wait for that rocket to launch us! I am bringing hummus and sweet potato chips! 
What meats are you allergic to?

Meats I am allergic to (Hold on, let me grab the list!)

  • Catfish
  • Lamb
  • Pork (Delayed anaphylaxis)
  • Rock Fish (cod)
  • Salmon
  • Sole
  • Tilapia
  • Tuna
  • Turkey (anaphylaxis)
At first, I missed bacon and turkey. But now, it's been so long that I barely notice it's absence. I still by pork for my kids to eat but we sanitize the dishes before I use them again. I'll have to write a post on how to do that! (takes note)

I hope all of you enjoy your week. Thank you to Donna for sharing your allergy story.

If you want to share your allergy story, email me.

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