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Friday, December 20, 2013

Purple Hair Picture is Up!

I had my friend take my picture for the blog. The first couple tries didn't turn out. Luckily, tonight the camera read my card and worked for about seven pictures. WOOHOO! Here is the picture that will stay in the corner (for now, I want to do one when it's more purple. It's washing out some and looks pinkish in the pic from the lighting). 

This is my new pic for the blog! It looks pinkish but it's purple. I promise!

And this is my favorite picture of me being silly :P It looks a little more purple here.

In a couple months, I will be able to redye my hair purple again. I'll take pictures then because it will be spring and we'll have more sunshine to help the color show better. But for now, see, I really do have purple hair!

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