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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is there corn free candy?

I had my teeth pulled today so I am really hungry. I went surfing the net for food stuff because I can't eat anything solid. That makes me Google food for some reason. Of course, looking for something good meant that I ended up on the Internet surfing a candy sight.

Website logo from Natural Candy Store

One thing that was hard for us to give up was candy. We had to though because almost all of it has corn, a corn derivative, or something else we are allergic to. Each of us has our ONE candy we can eat. Mine is enjoy life chocolate chips. Sometimes, we just want to feel like we are eating junk food!

At Natural Candy Shop, I realized they have a lot of candy categories, including one that is specifically for corn-free candy. I have found heaven on the Internet RIGHT HERE.

I even found a VEGAN treat! It's a Vegan "Milk" Chocolate Santa Lollipop and it is cute! 

Remember to read the ingredients! Just because we found a candy mecca for allergic friends doesn't mean they will all be safe. I found one that looked great! But it had beet sugar in the ingredients. I did find a couple of candies I want to buy when I have to money. And I think Valentine's Day this next year, will be a little more exciting for us. 

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