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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Surfing Saturday: Sites, News and Links You Can Use

This weeks news alerts seemed to focus around schools. But I found other one's that I thought you might to read also. Let's start with the schools first.

For a little news in my neck of the woods:

Law puts life-saving epinephrine into hands of Montana school nurses

GO MONTANA! I am happy to hear that. But they also need to train the teacher's and others to use it. I know that the schools here do not have a full time nurse. But, I am very excited to see good news!
Also found this article that says Tennessee also passed a bill allowing epipens in school. GO TENNESSEE! Here is another for Arizona too. GO ARIZONA!

And two Ohio lawmakers introduced a bill to get epipens in their schools.

Next on my surfing list was an interesting article. I'll  let you read it first:

Would you steal an epi-pen to save your child's life?
Part of me, the part that is a mom, can see where he was coming from. I would do anything to save my children. BUT if my child had allergies that were life threatening at the age of three, I would be carrying an epipen  Yes, accidents do happen. I get that and don't blame him for that but, abusing your authority to break into an ambulance barn just, to me, seems equally wrong as not carrying an epipen.
What is your opinion on this? Answer in the comments and tell us what you think.

And then there is this guy...

"Venom-proof" daredevil who survived 100 snake bites
Tim Friede is either the most awesome man alive, or the craziest. Either way he has my admiration as he has built resistance to snake venom by injecting himself with diluted venom. But he is doing it for a good cause. He hopes that it will lead the way to developing a vaccine to help save people who have been bit by snakes. You go, Tim! I'll never visit your house. Ever. But I am cheering you on!

Did you see any sites you'd like to share? You can email them to me and I will add them. If you post them in the comments section, there is a chance it will get dumped in the spam folder. 

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