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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Corn-Free Baking Powder Recipe

If you are allergic to corn, you know how hard it is to find baking powder without corn in it. I searched around and found a recipe I have been using for months now and I really love it. It works just as well as the baking powder you can buy in the store and it's pretty easy to make.

Mix 1 part for each together. No, really. It's that easy!

If you are using 1 TBSP, you mix 1 TBSP of each ingredient. If you want to make a huge batch and use 1 cup, then you mix 1 cup of each ingredient.

I like to make a 1 cup batch so I add 1/3 cup of each ingredient.

Homemade, corn-free baking powder

Mix one part of each ingredient:

Mix it well and store in a sealed container. This is one of the few things I store in a locking container in my kitchen because for some reason, it gets knocked over a lot LOL.

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