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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Color-Coding Dishes for Allergies

With Thanksgiving coming up, I started thinking about color-coding dishes, especially when guests show up!

Living in a house with three people, all with different food allergies, can make life very interesting at meal times. One of the problems we had for some time was cross contamination. I can’t have wheat, pork, turkey or soy touch my plate. My sons have a different list of foods they have high reactions to.

To solve this problem, I went to Wal-Mart and found dish sets by mainstay that are solid colors. They also sell them as separate items. I bought each us our own set of dishes in different colors. 

I was searching for a picture to post but I couldn't find one. But here is a link to the Wal-mart page for the dish set. I have green dishes, Miles has yellow dishes and Mendek has red dishes. I also have two other sets for guests that are orange and blue. No more trying to figure out what was put on a plate or if coffee or tea was in a cup last. We use our own dishes and until we got a dishwasher, we all washed our own dishes as well.

Since wheat is a big one for me and one son... but I still make biscuits and pizza dough for my youngest son, I also have a separate mixing bowl specifically for wheat foods. Any dish that is red or has dots is now a wheat dish. I don't make my foods in it and the boys know that if they want to prepare a food that contains wheat, they use a red or polka dot dish.

They get washed and sanitized separately from all the other dishes to keep it safe for me. 

Keeping everything separate this way takes a little getting used to but it makes keeping us safe from allergens a lot easier!


  1. This is a very good idea. Here we have a store called the Dollar Tree. You can get dishes $1 a piece. These are not flimsy crappy dishes either. Dollar Tree carries plates cups bowls and so forth. We have 2 people here with different food allergies.

    1. Oh I love the Dollar Tree! Although the closest one is a bit too far away for me :( But they do have good dishes. The glass ones aren't horrible cheap stuff either. And color coding just makes life so much easier for us! No more guessing what was served on the dish!