Everyone is welcome here! Whether you have allergies, sensitivities, hypersensitivities, or intolerances, this blog is for you. While the primary focus is for allergies, I have all of the above and welcome anyone to my blog.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gluten-Free Delicious Chicken Flatbread

I have been craving some sort of sandwich for awhile now. Seeing how the gluten-free bread in this area is over $6 a loaf for about 12 slices of bread, I just can’t bring myself to buy it.

Then a wonderful thing happened. I follow Farty Girl on Facebook and a couple weeks ago she posted about chickpea wraps. Stay with me on this one… I was desperate for something wrap like, sandwich like or something like that like. So I tried it.

My first attempt wasn't that great. It wasn't bad though. My second attempt, I cooked with the pan a little hotter, added a little salt and got creative. I t was FABULOUSLY divine! I had to take a picture it looked so good!

To make the wrap
  • 1/4 cup Garbanzo Bean Flour (x2)
  • 1/4 cup water (x2)
  • a pinch of Salt (x2)
  • Whatever other seasonings sound tasty to you. (I stop at salt)
Mix the water with the garbanzo bean flour (chickpea flour). Cook it like a pancake. I made two of these and mix them separately.
If I try to mix and cook them at the same time, I end up with one super flat bread and one fluffy puffy bread.
You cooks that are more talented than me can mix 1/2 cup of flour and water and make the two at the same time. (GO YOU!)
To stuff it with deliciousness
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1/2 to 1 TBSP Annies Roasted Red Pepper Dressing LINK HERE
  • A little bit of grated cheese (of your liking). I think it was about 1/8 cup worth of cheese. Maybe less.
  • Lettuce
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 TBSP Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper Dressing (yes, this is on here twice. No. That wasn’t a mistake.)
While your wraps are cooking, smash the avocado with the 1/2 TBSP to 1 TBSP Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper Dressing. Spread it on the wraps when they are done.

Top the wrap with a little bit of lettuce and cheese.

Cook the chicken breasts in 1 TBSP Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper Dressing until tender and falling apart. Or, like I did today, just cut up the chicken into cubes if it won’t cooperate and fall apart.

Add the chicken to the wrap.

Fold your wrap in half and enjoy!

Here’s my first attempt (with a bite taken out of one). I added olives to these.

Friday, August 9, 2013

I am the Purple Hair Lady

Hi there! I am Dotchi. Actually, I run another blog called The Baker's Acres. I wanted to start a blog specifically about allergies, and my life with allergies. I wanted to show those of you who are new to allergies that it isn't the end of the world. It will feel like it. But I promise it is not.

Why did I pick Purple Hair Lady instead of... say, Allergic to Everything! or something a little more creative? Because in real life, I am the one everyone in my town calls for allergic reactions, allergy advice, and a dose of benadryl. BUT, no one can remember my name so they call me "the purple hair lady" because I am the only one around with purple hair.

And that my friends is why I chose that name for my blog. I will start posting and I will know my good posting schedule by next week. It may be three days a week (my therapist said I should start small), or as many as 5 days a week. I can hardly wait to get this thing rolling!